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...Unique people achieve unique results. You have reached your present prosition due to the remarkable achievements you achieved in important areas. You are distinguished and others take notice.

Only remarkable personalities can genuinely and permanently motivate your employees and managers. Ww provide you with trainers that achieve the best training effect throught their practical experience, personal charisma, domain competence and last but not least, through their academic qualification.

Your advantage with our institution lies in the authentic high-performers with character and profiles rather than the anonymous reproduction of modules. We measure our success and consequently your profit, by the independence of your employees therefore one of our goals is to make ourselves expendible.

A young team's success story
  • Mag. Dr. Wofgang Hackl is working as trainer and coach since 25 years in national and international areas. He was recognised as the Trainer of the Month in the renowned trade magazine "Training". He decided to found his own enterprise after over more than 900 training days of experience.

  • "impact" was created in April 2003. Michael Sweet the Air chef of Queen Elizabeth of England and a gold-medallist of the Culinary Olymics was the first employee. Along with Dr. Frank Bruck, President of the Austrian Union of Intercultural Trainers, the team took up its work.

  • We exceeded set company targets by more than 100% in the first financial year and tripled our product portfolio. At present 9 people make up the active core team.

  • With SensArt and Musical Intelligence we took a yet unexplored avenue to promote emotional intelligence. Our participants enthusiastic encourage us on our way.

  • We established ourselves on the international market through successful participation in European Union projects promoting new member states and trhrough the intercultural projects led by Dr. Brück.

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