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impact Vision and guiding principles: Training

  • We work on the core of the personality. We awaken and support our trainees inner interpersonal powers, realisation, knowledge, motivation and strategies to yoke these in the service of their organisation as well as placing them within a task.

  • Our goal is to inspire our clients with a maximum on fixed transfer effect through service and flexibility and to a throUnser Ziel ist es unsere Kunden durch Service, Flexibilität. Training participants look forward to particularly practical methodology as well as easy tronsfer of high-level content.

  • Your employees and managers are trained by your official contacts personally.

  • Long-term, measurable conversion of fixed training goals is ensured through superior process assurance. We remain in close feedback contact with our client through out the entire training period.

  • Our trainers achieve the highest training effects by way of their practical background, personal charisma, domain authority and last but not least through academic qaulification.

  • The impact team enjoys mutual respect and open communication within itself. All training tools are also applied in our daily operations as a matter of high priority.

  • We enjoy the challenge of daily dynamic learning experience to benefit our clients. We gladly incorporate complex details to adjust the training process precisely to our clients needs. The increased service value is tangible and has proved to be measurable time and again for our business partners.

  • We are commited to business ethics that ensure value creation to our clients through conscientious and team-oriented coworkers individually motivated to maximum output for the client.

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