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Homo pensando Trigon
Our approach is centred on people. Our services and interventions aim at the multiple factors of behavior, competence and experience. Although all three cornerstones of the triangle are interdependent variables, these are consciously focussed upon during the training process.

Strategy Triangle
Our strategy demands that we cater to both; for the people and naturally to the task. The surrounding environment within which future and trained service are placed, plays a great role. Only the fulfilment of all required components ensures long-term transfer.

Goal Triangle
Not only do we aim that our participants complete their tasks through the smallest effort i.e. efficiency but also that they complete the right tasks i.e. effectiveness. Increased satisfaction with the work completed and the application of relevant capabilities in turn increases motivation. Future developments are are more likely to be expected as successful and the success is attributed to one's own abilities. The controlled socialisation process during the training increase positive identification with the team and the organisation.

Process Triangle
Knowledge and Skills are imparted through practical methods. Our clients profit from close feedback loops. Thus gained understanding can be integrated in organisational development. Participants are positively and precisely supported through the often critical and complex modification process.

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